Tuesday, May 11, 2010

job offering again

i believe that my friends and i
were searching for a job opportunities
as we complete our study and waiting for graduation days to come
1st of all gambate and good luck in job hunting

as for me, today, i receive a called from company that i apply yesterday
for Management Apprentice at jobstock.com
the manager said will arrange interview for me when i'm going back to my hometown on this 20th (Thursday)

i don't mind to accept any kind of job
because i'm searching for any kind of job that equivalent with my "literature"
haha...sound very irony
but the important things is that i can read,write and speak in English
even though it is Manglish *hentam saja, yg penting confident*
hello, we are not native speaker okay
but at least you understand English
that enough....

that position require me in good conducting speech because there will be a lot of presenting events, and deal with clients and so on
i hope i can apply what i had collect and receive from UKM within this three years.
i need to reinforce my soft skills ability
i know that working for company did not same as working with govern servant
it is more challenging and competence

but do pray for me
i'll do my best.
till then..smile always readers :)