Friday, May 28, 2010

i miss UKM..

Tell me how I miss UKM damn much right now. Maybe it is true; we only realize something that very precious to our life once that thing not belongs to us anymore. Only one month after coming back to my hometown. Yes, undeniable home is sweet home, but then when looking back to those pictures and memories make me longing for my UKM. The fun and laughter that I share with my coursemates, roommates, and bunch of krazy friends, I was miss every single thing that I leave there. Not that I miss the place, but I miss the peoples surrounding me and people whose participate in cheering my life. Even it is sweet and also bitter memories.

Here, I’m coming back to bear commitment and responsibility to make my family proud. Getting what I want in life: good career, buying house and car and having happy family. One of my responsibilities is to give my family comfort shelter for them. I might be small but I have big dream and ambitious. Really sensitive to those person who always busy with others people matter. You know what, no need for you to tell me what to do and what is isn’t. I’m matured enough to think for my own life. Entering adulthood life, for me is very tiring. Very complicated to analyzed and explore. If you noticed every children like to watch cartoon, I always questioning why? Maybe for them, cartoon life just simple as what children thinking. To answer that why adult dislikes watching carton because their thinking is complicated as what they think off.

I no need to explain what bored mean is to you and me. I am very bored right now. No wireless, no facebook, no blogging, I miss my UKM jaring. Tomorrow only I can see my sister broadband. Oh I cannot live without you line/wifi. I need to see the latest vacancies. I needed job. Staying at home and doing nothing makes me felt longing with my life as a student. I miss my busy life. Praying to have a job as soon as possible, so that I not felt unproductive and lazy. Besides, I need money. Wah, sound so materialistic, yes, money <_____________> empty!

I am waiting for convocation days, coming soon this August. Impatient. Without the scroll it is difficult for me to search permanent job, and the busy people will start asking what I am going to do next. I need to prove that I can get a job as soon as I get my scroll/ certificate.

I am bored and created some quote. Read and understand it. It is just for fun..


Every story has it two sides, maybe three or even four. Never believe and heard from one side, you will never know the truth.


Never trusted anyone unless you yourself and God, because everybody will say something bad about you from your back.


Putting and hiding everything inside without vomit it to others will lead explosion to the max temperature.


Patient has its own limit until you can’t bear with it anymore.


Rumor make your heart pain because it is lies and slander, don’t ever involve in it or else your life will be suffer.


Mouth can be a masterpiece to significant issue but also can destroy others people life. It is tongue fault.


Don’t judge the person by the size, she/he might be small in size but have a big brain to conquer the world.


Money is not priority in life, but every single thing in life need money.


  1. glo ur time will surely come..u will get ur job later..believe in God..for the time being, spend ur quality time with the family. If u were like me, i have no time at all to go back home and spend my holidays before convocation day with family. I have started my working life too early, but no regrets coz i'm happy with it. I met new friends and new environment where i learned lots of new things everyday..i make mistakes, but still i have chance to correct it. the most important thing is, never stop to learn.

    yup, people around us will say something when we finish our studies but still have no work to do..but dont worry, u dont have to listen to their words to be perfect. u know urself very well and u plan for ur future for the sake of urself and family.

    ignore those filthy mouth...cheer up girl..

    i miss u too

  2. thank you very much..miss you too my friend.keja baik2.hee