Wednesday, September 15, 2010

time and talk

What will u say when...(kata kau!) When u are kid.. You will only think of how to play hard So simple, no worries Just do the best to be happy ever (Soalan: berapa banyak mainan mak ayah awak beli untuk awak?) When you started enter school (kindergarten).. You will start to received and saved all the data that you get and learned from your parents, family members, relatives and all the people surround you ( itu pun kalau ada yang sempat tadika, sebab sesetengah orang itu tidak sempat. Sebab=masa dia tadika Jipun attack Malaya) (soalan: tadi kat sekul cikgu ajar apa?)

When you enter primary school... Live would be, go to school, back from school Doing homework, eat and play (soalan: kerja rumah dah siap?) When you enter secondary school Life would be change a bit Where you start to dream about having bf/gf Standard 1 to 3 would be still ‘love-monkey’=cinta monyet And then 4 to 5 would be more serious Some of my friend getting married Some of them further study To matriculation or form 6 Then some of them would get a job Some of them going to overseas And navigate our own life (Soalan: lepas ni awak nak buat apa? Sambung belajar ka kawin?)

Standard 6, i would say you will seriously involved in very the serious relationship I would say here, you will never forget the memories Bitter-sweet all will remain forever (Soalan: awak dapat masuk university mana?) And then, the very climax mark in your life would be ~University life~ This memory would shape your life You will start to dream of having husband And kids (for those yang matang awal la. Tapi kalau saya sori la...) (Soalan: selepas konvo: awak dah dapat keja ker? Kat mana?)

Then.all of all.working life (to make your dream at university come true), when you start to collect treasures and will start to think of all this things: (debts, money, problems, cars, houses, husband, kids, responsibility, burdens, stresses, life and so on)

Then, get married..and having kids (Soalan: Berapa orang dah anak awak?) Then, we started to talk about our childrens..bla..bla.. Time flies, we getting older And we will say “berapa orang dah cucu awak?” What life can gives to us as we grow older and aged We will talk and having perspectives According to our age and time See how time change the topic that we would talk about

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