Friday, October 30, 2009


finally i finish my thesis proposal....leganya..
but this is just the beginning ..there are more works waiting for the coming semester.
but at least for now i can smile...hehe..
along the way finishing my proposal my attention hv taken by one movie that i watch...i dunno what is the title of the story..but as i can remember the poem inside it really touching my heart. it is about the unfaithful gf to her bf. so, i myself title it 'unfaithful'. here it go....


moon in seoul
the night lingers on
i came home and find
Four legs laying out in unison
Two are mine, BUT
whose the other two???????????
They were mine, ONCE
too late, they've taken away!!!

don't think too much occay. i just like the way the writer convey her/his feeling. it really sad by reading the words only. but whatever it is it not related to anyone, just for fun.

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