Monday, September 14, 2009

shping tyme...

kesian nick..klethan..ddk la..



shopaholic sisters

Shopg tyme again,
U tell me, which women doesn’t like to shop? Of course, so do i. plus wif my little crazy sister that same hobby as I am. So, when she having her *bonus..*wink we belasah all the shopg centre here. Midvalley, sg.wang, bukit bintang, bjaya times square and the areas around there. For me shpg whole days and still it wastn’t enough to fulfill my satisfaction.huh..oppss too bad right..oh well wat can I say?

N not 2 forget, TQ very much to sanjay bcos accompany us that day, though he is tired but he willing to scarifies his time. Hee..pratice make perfect maa..kan

TQ 2 my sis as well..willing to spend money until cannot withdrawn mney from Atm machine anymore that time bcoz *melebihi had….if mummy know sure she will cut off our head .yai..but then still got credit card x apa la kan..huhu
This 2 sister memang cannot bsama…gila2 bah..jalan sampei kaki tsgtlah sakit..haizzz

daa...shga btmu lagi di rancangan shpg yg sterusnya.

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