Sunday, May 24, 2009

University Life

New phase in my life, there is no family to support in everything you do.
You need to be independent while faces all the struggle and problem on your own.
Here is my pic with my coursemate E-lit students 2007-2010, we are at the same track and journey for three years, do hope that we will co-operate together. People says, united we stand. There only two men’s in my class.

Move on…check out my friends at the university…

This three girls (3 dara pingitan) always dreaming to become an artist….c da sky!!. Hehe
Anywhere we go, we will meet new peoples at new places. Dah lumrah alam kan..
My roommate Sabahan girl..Happy go lucky girl and another one sarawakian girl from Saratok.
You kay Aim my university…get used to the new surrounding and new food for sure. Because I’m can’t stand with the curry food..It will destroy my digestion. OMG..MySpace


Bb,gnet,tella n me

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