Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hepi Besday to me :)

beday cake-ada tompok2

simple beday celebration with my family
Once upon a time....
long-long time ago
one small baby girl crying aloud when she enter the world for the first time
SHE expected to be baby a boy..and named Gabriel

Unfortunately, the expectation did not satisfy
due to mom's health condition
the doctor advice her not to pregnant again
as she so obsess to have a son
she neglect the advice completely

on this date
she safely conceived her little baby girl
and named her as Gloria
a holy name in Bible.....
Gloria elsis deo
"Wishing you be a Princess Purple Blessed and holy birthday today the same as Mamma Mary day "Immaculate Heart"(wishes from FB)

Masa beli kek
cina: brpa tahun
kak:msg me
i reply: 24th
kak: ya ka, bkn 23?
sy:huh...lawak...ingatkan dah 24 years old..hahaha

To all facebook-er who made wishes tq to all
P/S: I just wanted to thank you guys soooo much for all of the birthday wishes!!!! It means the world to me that you all are thinking of me on my special day :)GBU all.

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