Thursday, July 29, 2010

The law of NATURE...

the boat and Rejang river
One day
I saw, i heard
about the person
she dead, in front of my house
people are chaos, i can saw lori pertahanan awam in front of their house
people are assemble there
who is she?
I’m not even knowing her
But why i felt like someone saying goodbye
The last goodbye to me
And i remember Emily Dickinson poem
"There's been a Death, in the Opposite House,"
She dead when she is sleeping last night
Some said because of the dengue fever
 She leaves two children
No husband, they’re divorce long time ago
The only thing i know that
She is a mother
Could be a sister to someone
And a daughter
At least she is someone whom precious to the person that loved her

Flashback to the story long time a ago
Where  me and my family sank at Rejang river
When our ‘speedboat’collapse between the ferry and express
When this happen, at that time i’m just 9 years old (Primary three)
What i can remember from this tragedic memory is that
I’m wet, and tali perahu mengheret me to the deeper level
While my dad trying to save me
Luckily dady succeed to cut the tali and saving me
While mumy and my siblings bergayut above the tank

It was Gawai season
And people are drunk and karaoke-ing
Not far from the place that we sank
There a longhouse, it’s called Rumah Ngiring (if i’m not mistaken)
Someone from that house was heard somebody yelling for “help!”
And that sound came from my mom and dad
Who struggle and hoping for someone could heard and help us

Five minutes later, luckily there was a few sampan and people from  the longhouse i mentioned above come and save us
If not because of them from that longhouse saving us
I and my family maybe not alive until this day
Maybe ours destiny not ended there yet
And we still have purposes in this journey of life

What are the related story above to the person that who just dead
What suprise me is that, she also come from that longhouse
Maybe the time i was kid and sank at that river
She and her relatives might be the person that help me and my family
And then i realize she could be the person whom saving my family and i
And i do believe that in this world we’re bound by seven person that might be related to us
And i still remember the theater we had produce when i was in my 2nd years at University
‘6 degree of separations’ is one of the theory which mentioned
We could be related to 7 peoples in this world
And yes, that was so true!
And happen in my life

When mom said to help at least giving her family some money to support the procedure
To bring her back to the longhouse
Even it small at least we could help them
And i pray May the Lord blessed her soul
And R.I.P.
That day, before she depart..it suddenly raining
Somehow showing that she is crying to leave the earth
The house, her sons and her friend there...
I saw the lorry bring her inside
And her coffin
Until it lost from my sight...

On that day, i can’t felt like the earth saying the last goodbye...
And until next time the day we’ll meet again...


  1. its interconnected...u remind me of the good old days back then when we were students

  2. yes..and i really222 miss the moment.