Monday, June 21, 2010

tips for career success

Get ahead, sell yourself. (Part 1)

Conventional wisdom dictates that if you work hard and show competence on the job, career success will inevitably come your way. But experts say you may have a long wait coming. Keeping your nose to the grindstone may not get you anything except, well, a raw snout. Nowadays, the best strategy for getting ahead is not to wait to be noticed but to deliberately call attention to yourself.
Achieving high visibility is not easy; there’s a very find line separating effective self-promotion and boastfulness. If you can come on too strong and give the impression of bragging, it could backfire. Tooting your own horn without sounding offensive is an art, so learn how to hit the right notes:

1. Assert and promote yourself

While you wish the higher-ups would reward their employees solely on merit, the real world doesn’t always work that way. Remember, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. Individuals who rewarded often boldly asks for it. If you don’t want to be caught in a freeze frame as everyone zooms by, practice to be assertive and self-advertise. Whenever possible, subtly make it known to your superiors about your progress, successful project or a great presentation. You may find this uncomfortable initially but remember, no one will know about your accomplishments if you don’t broadcast your accomplishments and take credit. Worse, somebody else may even take your credit away.

2. Take a bow

And while you’re at it, learn to accept the kudos that comes your way. Don’t brush them aside with self-deprecating expressions like “oh it was nothing,” or “I’m sure others could have done it just as well.” Your boss might agree with what you say them often enough.

3. Join forces with allies
Of course, you can always rise to the top of corporate ladder on your own. But wouldn’t your climb be swifter and easier with a helping hand or a gentle push? Seek a buddy or a mentor to look after you and support you, someone who will say “that’s a great idea!” when you present your proposal in the next brainstorming meeting. Of course, be sure to reciprocate in kind.

4. Build self confident

It’s difficult to put all your plans in motion if you suffer from low self-esteem. To bolster your self-image, you’ll have to catch negative thoughts that play in mind and replace them with positive statements. If your inner voice insists your opinions are worthless, your work unimportant or that nobody listens to you, muzzle it until it learns to stop saying “bad words.” Teach it to say, “I have something good to offer,” “My thoughts count,” and “I’m impotant.”

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