Tuesday, January 5, 2010


fuh...fuh..menyapu belog saya yang sudah berhabuk...
saya tak nak cakap banyak di sini. tapi saya cuma nak kongsi tentang "what other peoples think about me?"

as we need to identify the person by not mentioned about their gender in my gender identities class..so here it goes. some of the description about me by my classmates.

"A friendly person, seldom find her alone and always surrounded with friends. a person who devoted to god, good hearted, kind, sweet, small and charming, nervous and shy...always possess this person especially in crowd situation yet this person can perform well in anything this person does.always mixed language of Malay, English and own mother tongue. what i don't like about this person is low self esteem whenever pimples turn in this person face, but i always say that really making you cute"

so that is how other person see me through my personality. maybe it true and false.i also dunno. i believe everybody is unique and have their own character and personality.

what is the convergences and divergences between u n me?...it doesn't matter. but at least firm people can make that person appreciate themselves.

till then, happy New year 2010:) i have a few resolutions but let me keep it inside.secret.