Sunday, November 8, 2009

My life in UKM

First day, I went alone to UKM from my beloved hometown Sibu, Sarawak. A tiny me felt so excited, anxious, worried, happy and I cannot described my feeling with words. I stay in Kolej Keris Mas (KKM). I stay with my roommate. She is from Sabah. I felt so disappointed when I saw bathroom and toilet in KKM. I don't mean bathroom and toilet are very dirty but they look so old. I and my roommate clean ours room. I study at FSSK. I always so tired when return to my college because I need to walk along stairs. Haih...i stay at level six and how do I expect my weight will be gained when I loss so many KG (kilogram) when I enter University.

kolej keris mas

At the moment I wanted to changed program from Literature to Education but then I felt and started realize that I felt in love with the subject when I having through the entire subject until now. Finally I choose to stay taking Literature in English. Then I move to Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO). I felt very happy because I moved to KTHO because that collage near with my faculty and the bathroom is not bad, enough to satisfy me. Toilet also quite okay but better than toilet in KKM. I will satisfy if toilet and bathroom always clean all times. I clean my room alone. There are a few small spider nests in my room. I already clean my room but not really sure 100% clean. I was so tired and wanted some rest too.

This three years at UKM a lot of activity and events that I involved and joined. Here are some of the pictures. I believe picture can described thousands of meaning and better description than me.

beloved classmates 2007-2010

costume party

6 degree of separation drama

KL PAC trip

memory refresh in mind.